Moved in

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I got the house keys last Friday. Dave was kind enough to help me with putting up ceiling fans, window blinds, microwave, and even help me move. Thanks Dave! It tooks us all last weekend to get that done. Rebecca and I are still working on getting everything … Read more Moved in


It is confirmed; tomorrow is the acceptance day for the house. I drove by the house on my way home today, and they still haven’t changed the rock on the house, but my stove is in there. 🙂 I guess they’ll change the rock sometime in the near future.


The house is almost finished. I have posted pictures on the photos page, but I haven’t added any in a week or two. The reason is that there weren’t any significant changes over the last couple of weeks. This week has been a different story. Tuesday, they fixed the garage door (we wanted the one … Read more House