Migration to AWS

Well, almost seven years after my last post, I’ve decided to move my personal home yet again. Things are going to be ugly for a while as I refresh most of the content and pages. Tumblr was a great, cheap option for hosting my static blog. Even with my custom domain, it was free and … Read more Migration to AWS

2013 Migration

So I’ve decided to make some significant changes to my online presence.  The first of which is moving away from my self-hosted WordPress solution to Tumblr.  I have finished moving over all of the posts and will be transferring the domain name soon.  I’ll post more about the transition soon.

Restoring grub bootloader

Here’s a quick how-to for restoring your grub bootloader when you load a new OS (like Windows) and it overwrites your grub bootloader. Hopefully you can follow this guide and have luck. Unfortunately, that did not work for me. I was running Kubuntu 11.10 Alpha 3 and only had the CD for 10.10 and the … Read more Restoring grub bootloader